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About Us

DataSpade is an industry-specific data analysis, software & consulting company positioned to help corporate and tribal gaming properties yield profitable results from their player’s club database. With over a decade of experience in the gaming industry, we’ve taken our unique blend of technical and programming capabilities, along with our innate understanding of how player’s club databases reside and function within gaming systems, and created a company that begins its mission at the core of all gaming – the data.

We provide innovative customized programming solutions for gaming executive’s data & marketing challenges. Through our understanding and knowledge of gaming systems and data analytics, we’ve developed automated and actionable software offerings for: tiering players clubs; direct mail data extracts; direct mail loyalty programs; and profiling models for database segmentations. For the gaming industry – this means accurate, data-driven results are obtained through low cost solutions, which are then translated into profitable marketing achievements.

* DataSpade’s capabilities include: Database Design and Programming; Data Manipulation, Mining, Warehouse and Processing; SQL, MS Access, Excel, OLAP; Visual Basic, C++, Java, Batch Scripting, Perl, XML, HTML, CSS, ASP; and Networking, TCP/IP, Server Administration, Ecommerce, Internet Information Server, Windows Server

Mission Statement

Our primary role in the gaming industry is to provide decision support for gaming executives through the creative use of data, software & technology. We are a marketing hybrid – a data-centric consulting & software company that turns your data into profitable results. Marketing to your players club can be cost justified & revolutionized with our low cost and dynamic data-driven solutions.

Our Commitment

At DataSpade, we offer our clients a 90 day free trial on all of our services and software offerings. We want to you to be confident that DataSpade is the right fit for your property, risk-free. We also maintain a “no strings attached” policy - which means we’ll never require a server, a contract or a set-up fee. It means simplicity for our clients while keeping us accountable to make sure your company is getting the desired results from our services.

With DataSpade – your data stays on your network. It’s a cost effective solution that guarantees the security of your player’s information. Since our products and services are compatible with all player tracking systems – you’ll be leaving nothing to chance with DataSpade.

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