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QuickFind – CRM Dashboard software

DataSpade’s QuickFind is an intranet based CRM/player search dashboard solution for gaming properties. This software fully emcompasses a properties player’s club data to create a simple, unified, & intuitive interface used for searching players by name/account number and creating top level summaries of gaming activity. It also provides individual player account details & profiles in real time. QuickFind is a base software solution and can be customizable on a per client need for additional functions and/or plug-ins for reports.


QuickFind integrates and benefits several gaming departments such as:

Marketing Dept.

Look up Mail Flags

Check player level for direct mail conflict resolution

Determine and assign player’s club hosts

Player’s Club

See points earned per day for promotions

Check tier statuses

Check host notes on players

Casino Hosts

Can assign themselves a player

Check player statistics

Research & identify quality players, past due & new player’s, quick- loss players

Note player’s accounts

See a player’s average/total

Additional Benefits/Features

  • Easily search players by name or account number
  • Run top level summaries of gaming activity
  • Integrates core player information for use by all departments under one unified software solution (i.e. Marketing, Player’s Club, & Casino Hosts)
  • Run group & promo summaries – performance based with profit/loss style metrics.
  • Track daily operating reports
  • Run top player reports & easily identify players that need a host
  • Player Directory: Per player account details with stats over time range
  • Detailed Player Profile: Add notes, select a host, and check tier status
  • Check player trip history, redemptions, status, jackpots
  • Integrates with DataSpade’s BounceBack program for offer redemptions
  • Interface is desinged to sort, page through, & export player’s club data
  • Quick Summaries include: Group, Host,Promo & StatType
  • Quick Player Reports include: Jackpots, New players, Past Due players, Quick-Loss players, Top players by average/total, & Hosted players.
  • Period Date Ranges can be selected by week, month, year over year or custom dates
  • Each players account features Points Earned, Twin, ADT, Average, Total, Action Days, & Cash In

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