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What others are saying...

“I rely on DataAce reports every day to help my clients make profitable marketing decisions. The reports are comprehensive, dynamic and really easy to customize to address specific analytical needs. They allow users to better target the right customer with the right offer at the right time, which is the key to success of any customer loyalty marketing effort.”

Carole Molnar | CM & Associates

“With DataSpade, we have experienced an explosive growth for all three casino bases and also unified the brand under a centralized card program. The Coin In and BounceBack programs produced a high return-to-property rate, both weekly and monthly (in excess of 70% at all three casinos), that spurred growth and increased advantage over our neighboring competitors in all markets.”

Anthony “Bert” Bertino | Corporate Marketing Officer | Dakota Nation Gaming Enterprises

“DataAce is a must for any casino to truly evaluate player activity. It’s low cost is a bargain. I recommend this for any casino that wants to fix what is bad and to support anything that works.”

Andrew Landholm | Marketing Analyst | WinnaVegas Casino

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with DataSpade. The consultation and data services provided have been an invaluable asset to our marketing department. In my experience the DataAce and BounceBack programs DataSpade proposes is unique in the gaming industry. The punctuality and response times are incredible. DataSpade carries a strong work ethic and is committed to customer satisfaction.”

Keenan Zeltinger | Database Coordinator | 4 Bears Casino & Lodge

“The BounceBack program has been very effective for us. We launched this in late December 2014 and we have seen an increase of 30% in trips. We also have seen a return response rate of 80%.”

Timothy Runstrom | Marketing Manager | Ojibwa Casino

“We’ve been doing business with DataSpade since 2014.

Conrad and his staff are responsive and provide great customer service. They are able to find solutions to any database related issues. They make pulling lists, evaluating information, and analyzing results a snap.

We can see where and when our market fluctuates and we are able to address those areas immediately. We are much more efficient and effective at managing our database with the help of DataSpade. In addition, our gaming revenue and profits are up year over year every month since we started with DataSpade and began actively utilizing their BounceBack program.

I would highly recommend DataSpade and their products - DataAce & the BounceBack to everyone, except our competitors!”

Michelle Fouts | Marketing Manager | Century City Cripple Creek

“Cliff Castle Casino implemented the Data Spade Bounce Back program in 2013 and immediately saw an increase in revenue.

We were amazed at the high redemption rate and were skeptical that it would continue. Over two years later we’re still seeing higher redemption rates than usual

Working with the Data Spade team is like having an additional analytical department at the casino.”

Rojelio Rubio | Marketing Director | Cliff Castle Casino Hotel

“I was asked to share our successes with DataSpade with you. First of all, if you were a competitor in our market, I would not share the following information with you. As far as I am concerned, I want this program to remain a secret.

Our success with the DataSpade’s BounceBack Program has performed exceptionally well. Our goal was to get an offer immediately to a guest that had a large ADT at one of our casinos.

The results exceeded our highest expectations. For example: In one month DataSpade mailed out approximately 8,500 bounce-back coupons, ranging in value from $10 to $150 to guests based on a very conservative 3% of Daily Theoretical Win with a minimum coupon value of $10.


  • We had a 53.6% Return Rate.
    • For every $1 we spent on prizes, we had an increase in revenue on the day of redempton of $9 from the guests that redeemed coupons.
    • When we included all of the associated costs of the program (postage, printng, cost of Dataspade, etc., we achieved a $5 to $1 return.
    • Even if 50% of the revenue was atributed to cannibalizaton of a trip they were going to make, we stll made $2.50 for every $1 we spent.

  • Increase in Revenue and Net Income for the property was realized immediately. While before go-live with the bounce-back program, our revenues and net income were lagging behind prior years. This changed the frst month of utlizing the system. Since go-live, not only have revenues increased, but the fow-through to EBITDA (Operatng Proft) has increased as well.

Specific reasons we went with DataSpade

  • Our current slot reporting software company didn’t have a solution to back out “rewards” we provided to players, we found we were over-comping our bottom group. In reality, players were actually becoming tiered players, vesting only a minimal amount of their own funds. In other words, their worth was over-exaggerated as the system was not backing out our investment from their theoretical value. Through DataSpade, this analysis was complete and player reinvestment percentages have come much more in line.

  • The key to the success of this program was to provide “instant” reasons for guests to make another trip. DataSpade accomplished this through automatic next day mailings; we added to the trips and reduced cannibalizing other trips by implementing quick expiration date on the reward.”

By all means, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Mike Auger | Business Analysis | Minnesota Gaming Facility

Articles and media coverage

Gaming & Leisure Magazine presented DataSpade with the Innovation Award for our DataAce software in 2014.

Global Gaming Business Magazine has featured DataSpade's exclusive BounceBack program in their trade publication.

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